We supply all types of promotional umbrellas

For more than 120 years the Oertel name has stood for quality and a comprehensive selection of umbrellas. For more than 15 years this has applied as well to our Internet offerings, and for more than 30 years to our line of promotional umbrellas. We supply our umbrellas to companies which seek to advertise themselves and their brands on umbrellas, while allowing no compromise on image and quality. Correspondingly, our focus is not on throwaway articles, but rather on the question of how to most effectively convey our customer’s brand, image, and strategy on an umbrella.

We are convinced that customer loyalty can only be gained through the use of high-quality products, not the throwaway items often used. To satisfy this demand we cooperate around the world with all the major manufacturers and the best printers.

You are at the right place with us if you:

  • Need to realise a particularly tricky imprint (e.g., in terms of size or position on the umbrella)
  • Can allow for no compromise in terms of colour trueness
  • Want an umbrella produced according to your own design and concept
  • Are under time pressure and require reliable delivery times and the 100% implementation of your specifications
  • Seek a high-quality umbrella at a competitive price.

We can also offer you interesting pricing options if you are looking for a large volume of neutral umbrellas with no advertising on them.

Our clientele includes such famous names as Milka, Jacobs Suchard, Beck’s, Die Zeit, hansgrohe, and Marriott Hotels. We also provide umbrellas to the German President’s office for his and his state guests’ use, and we count among our customers a number of German state governments.

If you send us a brief outline of your wishes by email, we will answer you straight away. 
You may address this directly to me,

Rainer Gramke

Tel.: +49 421 12500